Have a Beautiful Aura



by Angel Lightfeather  

     The aura is an emanation of vibration of the life force. The aura of the person and other living life forms, while often invisible to the naked eye,  may be seen through other media such as measured using radiothesia and other fine sensing tools. Radiothesia is the study connected with the use of a pendulum (any object hanging on the end of a string or chain) or L-Rods (merely wires in the shape of the letter L) and vibrations of energy. In the bible where there is reference to Aaron and the Rod, this reference is also showing the use of this art form dating way back in time. This study of energy using divine laws of the universe, the chi energy, or the energy of God is truly an amazing and profound body of knowledge.

     The aura camera, also known as kirilian photography is another way that a person may view the aura.

    Sometimes when meditating there are instances where you can begin to see and appreciate the profound and unique splendor of your own energy. This may be viewed as peaceful and tranquil light or color. This too may be called your aura.

       While working with L-Rods I have been able to demonstrate how to see the invisible field of energy called the aura, and the amazing effects the Vortex energy has on the aura. Shifting energy around a physical form can actually be measured by this amazing technique. I often teach this simple technique to many students attending my workshops and seminars.

    I have found that a part of the body that has very little or no energy emanation can be located through the use of a pendulum. When doing this kind of work, I always consider this the work of God and I am an assistant or helper. I have witnessed many incredible miracles in this way.

    We are all a part of the universe and the universe is composed of amazing energies. When we are sad, or hurt or upset or sick there are energies held in suspension or not flowing freely. If we are happy or joyful and healthy these too are other examples of energy manifested as free flowing life force in this universe.

     If you wake up in the morning and see the day as a terrible day then the day is awful. If you see the day as another wonderous gift filled with joy and happiness and gratitude then that is the energy you are experiencing. Try it! It is an amazing shift of vibration.

    Just try this exercise. Look over your entire lifetime and let go of any and all sad moments. Let go of all the times when others may have hurt your feelings in some way. Just forgive them, and let it go. Don't carry that with you any more in your life. Then, look over your entire lifetime to every time you had blame, shame or regrets. Times you wished you could get to do this or that over again. Maybe you wish you could have said it different or done something different.  Well. forgive your self and let it go. Let all that darkness go. Be amazed at the new miracles that you experience. The new energy. The new joy!

    Expect miracles to happen and then, what do you know! You are surrounded by amazing miracles everyday.

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